Why Buy Bad Ass Beef? | Luxury Beef Steaks Directly To Your Door!

Why Buy Bad Ass Beef?

Three generations of skill means these are probably the best damn steaks you will ever taste in your life!


A Third Generation Passionate Carnivore!

Inside The Vault!

Since 2005

who are bad ass?

The notorious B.A.D is a 3rd generation, thirty something…passionate carnivore who has been in the meat industry his entire life. His unrivalled love for beef coupled with the demise of the high street butcher got him to thinking; How can I supply proper meat men like myself with absolutely top quality steaks, without the hassle? Boom…Bad Ass Beef was born. Having already been serving meat for many years to some of the UK’s best catering butchers, top steak houses and meat subscription services he knew he already had the knowledge. What is this knowledge you may ask? It’s basically generations worth of beef know how passed from father to son through the ages to make sure we get the best steak on your plate that money can buy.


Our Mission At Bad Ass

Our mission is to give you the best damn eating experience of your life and make you fall in love with steak again. We don’t mean to sound cocky here but the reason why we know that the Bad Ass Beef co are the best at what we do is because we are in total control from start to finish. Whereas most of our competitors and other online meat business’ are simply just middle men. I handle all my own meat whereas they handle someone else’s. I know what I’d rather buy!

Frozen For Flavour

After our hand selected meat has been aged for 28 days and carefully butchered it gets frozen straight away. This helps lock in that special flavour that we have worked so hard for.


All of our beef is born, reared and raised in the U.K. mainland from a family of trusted farms. We believe in the high welfare standards we have here in the U.K. and believe in selling British beef to British consumers. Not only this but the heritage and the skill of the U.K. farming sector is unrivalled and has given us a name for having the best beef the world over. Why would you want anything else?

Our Partners

We are fortunate enough to work with a small hand selected group of partners. This ensures everything from the meat to the box is of the highest quality.

28 Day Dry Aged

Before our meat can make it into your boxes it does have to be locked away in our meat vault for a minimum of 28 days. Meat Vault you may be asking?1? Well its a proper rock solid meat safe, with a tightly controlled temperature and a wall of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt to control the humidity. This just puts the finishing touches on an already outstanding product.

Our Word Is Our Bond

These are probably the best damn steaks you will ever taste in your life! Hand selected by a 3rd generation passionate carnivore and then dry aged for a minimum of 28 days in our Meat vault. Nothing but the best makes it into our boxes; My steaks really are Bad Ass.


“Facebook 5 Stars!”

So impressed with the service, ordered yesterday lunch time and already got my order; looks like its steak for dinner tonight!

I’ve not had a better steak that I could cook at home, proper restaurant quality. If you know a good steak then it’s worth looking past the supermarkets and giving these guys a go.

Tried a lot of steak in a lot of nice restaurants and the quality of these stands up to them all. Great and easy to use website, very quick delivery, fantastic packaging and attention to detail. Definitely the best meat box out there! Will be a returning customer for sure.