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Ribeye Roast


  • 1 x 1.5kg Frozen Whole Ribeye (+/-250g)

Why choose the Whole Ribeye?

The ‘PRIME RIB’ of Beef isn’t called this by accident. The Whole Ribeye is a super marbled cut of meat is often the most sought after for its incredible flavour. If you ask most chefs they will say this is their favourite cut of meat. is it yours too? Cut your own thick Badass ribeye steaks to any size you want to get that reverse sear on the go or slowly smoke the whole bad boy for finishing with a quick sear and slicing thin for a roast dinner. Buy our whole ribeye now and join the badass revolution.

1 x 1.5kg frozen Whole Ribeye (+/-250g)

When you receive your delivery, remove all outer packaging and place meat inside the refrigerator or freezer. If keeping fresh, please ensure products is used within 7 days of delivery. All these steaks are suitable for re-freezing – we suggest you freeze straight away if not using within the first week of purchase

Whole Ribeye Energy:132kcal, Fat: 4.9g (of which saturates 2.6g , Carbohydrate: 0g (of which sugars 0g), Protein: 22g, Salt: 0.2g

All our steaks are sold frozen. Don’t worry if they defrost as they can be kept in your fridge for up to 7 days. These are also suitable for re-freezing.