Clucking Cow Box | All your steak and chicken needs covered in one box

Clucking Cow Box


Our Clucking Cow Box has your protein needs covered.

  • 6 x Chicken Fillets (Approx 250g each 2 per bag)
  • 6 x Rump Steaks Steaks (200g each individually packed)

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Why buy our Clucking Cow Box?

This simple bad ass box contains 6 of our chicken fillets and 6 of our own 28 day dry aged bad ass beef rump steaks. There is enough protein in our Clucking Cow Box to feed one person for at least 2 weeks, to feed a couple for at least 1 week or could go towards half your families weekly shop.  With 12 portions in total it works out at less than £3 per portion of protein per person per meal when buying our Clucking Cow Box. What are you waiting for? Order yours now and get all your protein needs covered.

  • 6 x Chicken Fillets (Approx 250g each)
  • 6 x Rump Steaks (200g each)
When you receive your delivery, remove all outer packaging and place meat inside the refrigerator if defrosted or freezer if still frozen. If keeping fresh, please ensure products is used within 7 days of delivery. The steaks are suitable for re-freezing – we suggest you freeze straight away if not using within the first week of purchase
Cut off for next day delivery is 10AM. This box is sold frozen. Don’t worry if the contents defrost as they can be kept in your fridge for up to 7 days. The steaks are suitable for re-freezing.